Divine Secrets: Childhood

Following along with the Divine Secrets of the Blah Blah Bloggerhood … this week’s challenge theme is “Childhood.” I LOVE talking about my children, because quite frankly they are like little drunk people. They are weird, smelly and do things that I can not comprehend as an adult.


In 2011 my oldest – Veejay tried to learn by Osmosis. I am all for unconventional and some what awkward new methods –  however his attempts were unsuccessful. He has since moved onto more traditional methods such as: bitching and whining about all homework and studying needing to be done. At least he is somewhat normal.



Than there is six-year old Princess Pissey Pants. She looks at her Daddy P. like he’s God. While he wont admit it, she has him wrapped right around her tiny little finger and the mere drop of one Princess PP tear makes Daddy P. run to the rescue. She is a fun-sized version of myself with an added twist of her own little cocky and unfiltered personality. She wears beautiful dresses caked in mud from playing with the boys and has an attitude that even the toughest of men would fear. She’s also a kick-ass gamer.

Mid-tone is a pint-size package of attitude, wit and no fear. He has the amazing ability to drive me bonkers at a moments notice. Since Daddy P.’s Kramer-like entrance into our lives … Mid-tone has went from spy-mode  to all out battle. It’s apparent that he loves his Daddy P. – but, also loves to drive him right up the wall with his eight-year attempts of mass confusion.

I love being a mom. I love having an excuse to watch all the newest Pixar movies, color with big-girl crayons, laugh at non-sense and of course — rejoice in bedtime that I survived another day. Aside from my house sounding like a zoo and looking like Hurricane “Kids don’t fucking pick up after themselves” blew through again …. my greatest blessings are watching my kids grow up and making sure their childhood is not perfect but, instead interesting. It is in fact, my job to assure they have SOMETHING to talk about in counseling as adults.

Amanda VanDamme

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