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Art Sh^t and Gratitude

SOOOOOO – I have lacked in the whole keeping up with blogging thing. Sorry about that. I see the Divine Secrets prompt for 6/29-7/5 was “Gratitude”. Perfect as I made a page yesterday and scanned it through. Perhaps you will find some use for it. Do as you see fit with it as long as it’s not used for commercial use. Enjoy. (Click the image to download)


I have so much to be grateful for honestly. I can’t just list it all off in one single blog post and besides — photos are more fun!

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Little Things Thursday: Ms.Morgan

Ms.Morgan will be ten-years old September 15, 2014. I adopted her from Verona Street Animal Society in Rochester, NY in 2005. She was a year-old when I brought her home. I will never forget the day she picked me.

I have always been an advocate for adopting shelter & rescue animals. In fact, all my fur-babies are adopted and I have never purchased from a breeder. I HAVE purchased puppies from people while doing rescue, but that was only to help the puppies get out of bad situations. I try not to judge, however I feel very strongly that there are enough unwanted, abused, neglected and home-less dogs & cats in this world. So, my only questions to breeders is …..

WHY are you contributing to the already over-populated problem and is money THAT important to you? It’s sad really. I know that some rather heated debates have come from those two questions … reality is though – Breeders are motivated by money, plain and simple. It’s a rather selfish act on their own part.

Back to my Morgan. The day I went to visit the animal society I was on the hunt for the perfect cat. I had no preference as far as age or sex. I had always wanted a pure black cat but never had any success in finding one. While I was looking at the kitties in their cages in front of me, I felt a tap on the back of my neck. Behind me was more cages filled with homeless cats. When I turned around there was Morgan, laying on her side with this wild-eyed look on her face. She had both of her arms stretched out of the cage as far as she could reach and continued to bat me playfully in the face. I knew right from that moment – SHE was going home with me. So, I always tell everyone Morgan picked me. ❤

The day I was supposed to pick up Morgan from the shelter, 9/14/2005 – I went into labor with my second child. I remember the shelter lady giggling saying she would make sure Morgan was cared for until we could get there to get her. The next day my ex-husband made the trip down to pick her up .. hence her birthday is on September 15th.  It IS the little things that Morgan does that make me so happy. She has present for the past nine-years of my life. While she maybe JUST a cat to some, she’s my girl! She has comforted me through some tough times, she has kept me company when I was bored out of my mind and she has made me laugh at her wild and random antics. In the end — this cat is the animal equivalent to a human best friend for me. Where ever I am in the house – she’s within a 3 foot radius but more than likely sitting on me. ❤



All in all – I love this girl and the little moments with her that make me smile. ❤


Amanda VanDamme