Art Sh^t and Gratitude

SOOOOOO – I have lacked in the whole keeping up with blogging thing. Sorry about that. I see the Divine Secrets prompt for 6/29-7/5 was “Gratitude”. Perfect as I made a page yesterday and scanned it through. Perhaps you will find some use for it. Do as you see fit with it as long as it’s not used for commercial use. Enjoy. (Click the image to download)


I have so much to be grateful for honestly. I can’t just list it all off in one single blog post and besides — photos are more fun!

I am grateful for the pure joy my kids bring into my life each and every day. Their optimistic and humorous outlook on life keeps me highly amused. I am also grateful for their ability to suck any and all available energy out of me by 8pm each evening. I do not suffer from insomnia.

My Daughter




I am grateful for Daddy P. While he is quite possibly the most absurd asshole I have ever met in my life – it’s that trait alone that keeps me repeating “What the fuck is wrong with you?” when he speaks. Everything that comes out this man’s mouth is unfiltered and random. It keeps me wondering what classification(S) he would fall under in the DSM. AND of course, he’s my best friend so I’m obligated to accept his weirdness – as he willingly accepts my own.


I am grateful most of all for my family. They make me the happiest girl in the world. ❤




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