Hi, I’m Amanda.  (That’s my a*shole boyfriend and best friend on the right  in case there’s any confusion). On this particular evening out as adults (a rarity in our chaotic – smelly – kid filled lives) we spent the evening telling people we were brother and sister. Than proceeding to act in-appropriate for family relations. Just a little taste of what my life (and this blog) will contain.


I was born in 1982 –  in Rochester, New York.  I have three undomesticated and barely house broken kids. My oldest is nearly thirteen, my middle is eight years old and Ms.Sassy Pants is six-years old. Lest us not forget my two dogs and ten year old bitchey cat.


My eight year old was diagnosed with ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder when he was six-years old and my daughter is legally blind in her left eye. Sometimes I blog about the aforementioned, but most of the time I don’t. I am near the end of a divorce – so I do bitch about that life experience. For the most part I’m just lazy and write whatever sparks my interest at that given moment.

I am a stay at home mama, photographer ( Evermore Keepsakes ) and I do all the shit paper work for my boyfriend’s construction company.

I created this blog to join up with some dear friends on their own blogging journey  – Divine Secrets of the Blah Blah Bloggerhood. I am confident that you will find some posts distasteful and the language highly inappropriate. I am also confident as my mother reads through my blog she is repeatedly mouthing “Oh my God.”

Below is a nearly daily reaction from my thirteen year old in regards to my eccentric parenting skills. Enjoy!



Q: Vodka Infused Cupcakes?

A: No shit. I like cupcakes and vodka. Too boot I’m too lazy to properly name my blog. Vodka Cupcake Recipe 

Q: You curse A LOT!?

A: It’s the Roman’s fault -Read-> Lets Play Hide & Go Fuck Yourself

Q: What kind of camera do you use?

A: Most of the time I’m lazy and use my LG G2. But, if inspired I’ll use my Nikon D5200 with a 55-300 VR lens.

Q: Who the hell is who in this life story?

A: I have nickname for everyone. Not to protect their identity, but because I find naming people to be a snarky approach to stress-relief.

  • Me, myself & I (the neurotic author) = Amanda or Bitch-face
  • My boyfriend = Daddy P. or Asshole
  • My Oldest Boy = The Oldest or VeeJay (do ask .. I’ll share that story at some point)
  • My Middle Boy = Mid-tone or Genius
  • My Youngest = Princess Pissey Pants
  • The Ex = Donkey


Find Me

www: Evermore Keepsakes

Fanpage: Evermore Keepsakes




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