Bucket List

  1. Get Married (2005)
  2. Have children (2001, 2005, & 2007)
  3. Go college for community & human services (2001-2013)
  4. Graduate from College with a doctorate
  5. Buy a House (2010)
  6. Be a Firefighter (2009-2013)
  7. Complete a 30-day writing challenge
  8. Jump out of an airplane [sky dive]
  9. Drive a car 125-mph (2000)
  10. Get my GED (2011)
  11. Purchase a vehicle that is only 5-years or less old
  12. Learn to knit (2012)
  13. Drive a dump truck (2011)
  14. Defeat my phobia of Spiders
  15. Rehabilitate a scared – “viscous” pit-bull and successfully adopt him/her out (2012)
  16. Have $1000 in savings & leave it untouched for 6-months (2010)
  17. Allow at least ten spiders to live in my house (Count: 2)
  18. Grow my own veggies (2011)
  19. Save at least five dogs from death row (2012-2013)
  20. Adopt a black cat (2005)
  21. ADOPT a purebred German Shepherd (2014)
  22. Complete a 365-Photo Challenge
  23. Buy a first generation 1969 Camaro & race it
  24. Complete a 365, 10 second video of everyday than make a video memoir
  25. Sew my daughter a dress from scratch (2013)
  26. Give away a computer worth $$ for the purpose of giving and helping (2012)
  27. Give a car to someone in need (2012)
  28. Go to Ireland
  29. Finish my medical administrative course and pass the CPT test
  30. Touch Stone-hedge
  31. Make my own soap (2010)
  32. Volunteer at an animal shelter (2012)
  33. Backpack across 3 states consecutively
  34. Do something as a volunteer for a Military Organization (2012)
  35. Make a crochet afghan that fits a standard bed (2013)
  36. Run a dog rescue (2012)
  37. Be debt free
  38. Be a foster parent
  39. Buy property in the middle of no-where and build a house
  40. Have one or more of my photographs published in the National Geographic
  41. Lose ten-pounds (2012)
  42. Fill up an entire coloring book
  43. Knit 1000 preemie hats and donate them to several NICU units
  44. Build an herb garden
  45. Be face to face with a Tiger
  46. Have a Bald Eagle sitting on my arm
  47. Dive to a ship wreck
  48. Arrive at an airport and take a random flight
  49. Find my Soul Mate (2013)
  50. Help someone less fortunate and change their life
  51. Get a tattoo of a hummingbird (2014)
  52. Cut my hair to shoulder length without cringing (2014)
  53. Be accepting of all my flaws and uniqueness
  54. Write a heart felt letter to my ex-husband and father of my children
  55. Sleep outside under the starts in the middle of the woods with only a blanket & my dogs
  56. Take a hilarious photo of a dog (2011)
  57. Donate any career skill I have to help a business just because I can (2011)
  58. Thank a Soldier and his/her family (2011)
  59. Learn how to make my own dried banana chips
  60. Can tomatoes (2013)
  61. Found a non-profit organization that supports young girls & women
  62. Laugh so hard I pee (2012)
  63. Finally realize my children have learned that life’s little moments are the most spectacular
  64. Tell my parents I love them everyday for one month
  65. Sit in a room filled with kittens (2012)
  66. Get divorced (2014)

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