Art Sh^t and Gratitude

SOOOOOO – I have lacked in the whole keeping up with blogging thing. Sorry about that. I see the Divine Secrets prompt for 6/29-7/5 was “Gratitude”. Perfect as I made a page yesterday and scanned it through. Perhaps you will find some use for it. Do as you see fit with it as long as it’s not used for commercial use. Enjoy. (Click the image to download)


I have so much to be grateful for honestly. I can’t just list it all off in one single blog post and besides — photos are more fun!

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Divine Secrets: Tetradic .. WTF, Manda?

Divine secrets June 15th challenge is creating a themed art piece based on a tetradic color theme. *Stares blankly at Manda* Manda is the art queen – Faery Ink. I do love you to pieces Ms.Manda, but … what the FUCK is that? I am almost certain she is smirking as she reads this. Teehee. She said to go HERE. I still don’t get it. But, I’ll give it a go. Perhaps I’ll do some more research on it and tackle this appropriately later. I think I’m lacking blue and green in the first photo and blue in the second. Manda — help me out here. XD

Butterfly© Amanda VanDamme


Sunflower Butterfly © Amanda VanDamme

Art Journaling: FREE Water color Printables

It has been about two-years since I have opened photo-shop and actually done anything aside from a basic photo edit. Life has gotten in the way and I haven’t had the inspiration to do anything. Today I scanned through my most recent watercolor mess and manipulated it in photo-shop. The main reason was to re-gain an idea of the controls again. Certainly something you don’t ever forget – but, I have lost the ability to work quickly within the work flow. So … here’s some art journaling shit for you. You’re welcome to print it and or manipulate it for personal use. If it is absolutely imperative that you include it in some commercial rendering, just send me an e-mail and ask first please. I’m not that hard to get along with (depending on the day).

I have linked up each image to orignal file. So, to save just click the image and than right click and save as. The printable sizing is 12 x 12″.

These are all save in .JPEG format. If you would like copies of the .PSD files just shoot me an e-mail and I will e-mail them to you.

WC-001-PSD  WC-004-PSD

WC-002-PSD  WC-003-PSD

If you do make something with them – come back and leave a comment. I’m nosy and want to see. Please do NOT offer them for direct download from your website. Re-direct your people to my blog. Spanks!


Amanda VanDamme

Little Things Thursday 2

Pretty Flowers This week started out with pretty flowers from my side yard. That within a three-day period fell apart and died. So .. what ever.

Art1Than I became bored because the Army took Daddy P. and I have no one here to piss me off besides the daily …”Kids don’t pick up after their fucking selves” hurricane. So, I played with water colors instead.


Today I remembered WHY I hid the watercolors from myself. See above – laziness. I leave my art supplies all over the place. Because what is the fucking point of putting it away if I’m going to keep working on it, right? I hate cleaning up and making a mess only to clean it up again. I’m a time-saver. Leave it a fucking mess. If you don’t like it … stay the hell out of my personal bubble space. Problem solved.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Well, aside from this guy. Daddy P. brought him.


Ms Pissey Pants calls him “Alphonsus” …. W.t.F?

Amanda VanDamme

Little by Little