Divine Secrets – “Dear Ms.PisseyPants …”

This week’s Divine Secrets of the Blah Blah Bloggerhood prompt is “Wish I knew then …” We are supposed to share our present wisdom with our younger self. I suppose in this case it would be easier to just perhaps write a letter to my daughter. I hold no regrets in my life. I believe each and every experience I have had in my life has shaped me into the exact person I am today. I am not flawless or perfect, I am most certainly a sarcastic asshole when the opportunity presents itself; I have learned some things that I hope I can share with my daughter (just as my mother did with me). However, I hope that unlike myself – she will listen and when that situation presents itself that relates to the advice I pass onto her … she uses it in a way that works for her.

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Little Things Thursday 2

Pretty Flowers This week started out with pretty flowers from my side yard. That within a three-day period fell apart and died. So .. what ever.

Art1Than I became bored because the Army took Daddy P. and I have no one here to piss me off besides the daily …”Kids don’t pick up after their fucking selves” hurricane. So, I played with water colors instead.


Today I remembered WHY I hid the watercolors from myself. See above – laziness. I leave my art supplies all over the place. Because what is the fucking point of putting it away if I’m going to keep working on it, right? I hate cleaning up and making a mess only to clean it up again. I’m a time-saver. Leave it a fucking mess. If you don’t like it … stay the hell out of my personal bubble space. Problem solved.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Well, aside from this guy. Daddy P. brought him.


Ms Pissey Pants calls him “Alphonsus” …. W.t.F?

Amanda VanDamme

Little by Little

Shenanigans, because – Fuck You! That’s why.

Fucking Shenanigans!Shenanigans. That’s all I’ve got. This girl has been boiling for a few days. Contemplating how to diplomatically say just what’s on my mind. All I can come up with is …. Fuck You. In the highest regards of course.

The problem with society today is no one gives a fuck. I’m not jumping to conclusions or making shit up (well, maybe I’m making shit up) … but, realistically speaking — people suck. I don’t do shenanigans unless it involves good friends, smoked pork, a camp fire and Bud Light. I don’t have the tolerance for stupid shit or stupidity in general. It doesn’t sit well with me when you invest yourself into something and in the end find yourself bent over backwards taking it up the ass like a boss. So, here’s how I see it ….

What’s it worth to you? You make a choice. Every choice has consequences. They can be good or bad depending on the circumstances. That seems like a rather simple concept, right? Are you confused? I’m not confused – I made that shit up. So, back to choices …. you pick option (A) or option (B), fuck (C) and (D) … I’m trying to keep this as dumb-downed as possible.

Option (A) – Be content with what you have. Make the best of it and live life to the fullest.

Option (B) – Pretend your content with what you have, get some on the side and believe you’re living life to the fullest.

Consequences to Option (A) seem rather positive. I mean you’re living life, raising a family, working, doing things that matter to you and being honest. Not flawless, but honest. That shit sounds real to me.

Consequences to Option (B) … You’re a douche bag. That’s all I’ve got.

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Lets Play Hide & Go F^^K Yourself

The fucking Word of the Day

All to often I’m gently reminded in a fluffy bunny approach by people that my choice of language, such as the versatile word F-U-C-K is “less than lady like” and implies to others that I am UN-educated. What can I say in response? I am just full of rich emotions and find the adding in a few offensive words along the way helps me release that emotion.

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