Divine Secrets: Flowers & Shits about Me

I have been lacking in my keeping up my blog. Sorry. I am trying to enjoy the sun and warm weather as much as possible as it seems that there is about a month of summer up here in Northern New York. So, I am going to play catch up before I shut down this computer and go outside to enjoy another day of sunshine. The Divine Secrets June 8th challenge is Five Things About me and Flowers.


I photographed my orchids in the front yard when they first bloomed. They have since withered away and wont bloom again until next year, but they are one of my favorite flowers. Lillies of any kind being the #1. The scientific name of the early purple orchid is orchis mascula. It is a perennial herbaceous plant with stems up to 50–60 centimetres (20–24 in) of height. They are quite tall. It grows in a variety of habitats, from meadows to mountain pastures and woods, in full sun or shady areas. It is referred to as “long purple” by Gertrude in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. (Info: Orchis Mascula)

The second challenge is Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me (this COULD get interesting)

1. I’m OCD. So much so, that I irritate myself. The following will send me into adult tantrums and quite frankly make me cringe:

  • The shower curtain being open. That’s a huge no-no in my house. I don’t know why it bothers, it just does.
  • ANYTHING on the kitchen counter – crumbs, coffee cup stains, water drops, things that just don’t fucking belong there. Ahhhh!
  • Vertical -vs- horizontal. Ridiculous, I know. My bed sheets have a line-design and Daddy P.’s favorite game is to put them on so the lines go horizontal. NO!!!!! I will rip the bed apart to assure they are vertical because my brain believes that is the CORRECT way to sleep on the god damn bed sheets.
  • Everything has to have a partner of equality. Yea, whatever – you can’t just have one thing on a shelf and nothing next to it. It looks oddly un-even and I find that I will stare at it. For a long time.
  • Which brings me to my children and my friend Chuck. They prey on my everything is equal quark. The knick knacks I had on my shelves were even and rightfully so – each one had a matching partner. I’m one of those freaks that doesn’t buy ONE knick knack, I buy two. Because I have to. Not the same ones of course, but a friend. Teehee. My children and Chuck would purposely rearrange my shelf. Guess what I would notice the very second I walked into a room? OMG!

I’m sure there’s more – but, you get the idea. I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to certain things.

2. Knitting and Crocheting involves counting. Quite generally I keep track quietly of where I am, but I have this awesome ability to block out everything surrounding me. There’s moments where my children will be pushy about gaining my attention and I will do one of two things – count out loud … LOUDLY or give them the “mom look” and rip it all out and start over. If I forget where I am I worry that the whole damn project is ruined. So, I start over. I lack time management skills as you can tell.

3. I can NEVER EVER have a serious conversation with anyone. I am unsure if it is a genetic trait or just a  learned skill I’ve acquired over the years. While I may seem genuinely interested and polite about the conversations I hold – in my mind I am making smart ass and some what inappropriate comments that I find amusing. The stupid smirk I get on my face at inappropriate times is because I (the asshole) have made a funny in my mind.

4. I only use pretty coffee cups. I don’t fucking know why – but, there are only two coffee cups I am willing to use. My awesomely red/black and white one or the pink one with butterflies on it. That’s it. There’s nothing in particular that makes them special. There maybe ten clean coffee cups in the cupboard, but I will wash one of the two I always use. WEIRDO!

5. I still laugh hysterically when the ketchup farts.


That’s all I’ve got! Have a beautiful day.


Amanda VanDamme



2 thoughts on “Divine Secrets: Flowers & Shits about Me

  1. your entry made me giggle abit, im forever getting that why are you smirking comment from people when im talking to them its embaressing i usually go oh just thought of something funny from earlier never ever do i admit im prolly taking the piss in my mind at their expense lol, i dunno if ya need to be ocd to get mad when someone moves something you have put in a specific place i dont have ocd but i get so mad and notice strait away when someone moves something ive taken a considerable amount of time to place. it was really bad when I had a ghost that moved stuff and my family got the blame lol. anyway i so relate to you and your post. have a fantastic day/night

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